Adopt a tree, adopt a statement

A few months ago we held a small crowdfunding which enabled us to buy walnuts from people and provide them with a small income.
We bought over one ton off walnuts in total. Now there are people from different families cracking these nuts giving them the chance to earn again some income over the walnuts they first brought in themselves.

Due to this project we came into contact with a lot of people and learned a lot about the problems they run into, simple things as we would consider them in the west, like a dentist or an optician for children which the people can’t go to due to the lack of funds.
What surprised me the most was once we started cracking the nuts, kids from 13-14-15 years old reported in because they wanted to help and crack the nuts voluntarily once they heard what we would pay them (words go fast here in the streets).

Once I asked a boy (14 years old) if he came because he wanted or if he had to from his mother and he answered that he did it because he wanted to do so. One day later I asked him what he was going to do with the money he earned and his answer broke my heart. He was going to give the money to his parents so that they will be able to put good food on the table.

Just a regular 14 year old schoolboy, but much more serious than one would expect from someone his age. This is why I do what I do now and after hearing his answer I knew that I made the right choice for leaving the army.

What we want is to do is to participate in the economic development in the region and promote import and export between Russia and the DNR which would enable us to create jobs for the people here so that they can provide their families with a reasonable income. Wages need to go up here for the people because the way we see it they are simply underpaid. It can never be the case that 14 year old children should provide for their parents in order to get a decent meal.

We want to aim at the ecological sector and promote and support the right to self-determination of the people of the DNR. In order to achieve this we will start a follow-up project in line with the walnuts and the documentary which we made about the MH17.

You can reed more about this project on the Adopt a tree page

Back to basic

Nieuws! De afgelopen tijd is het redelijk stil geweest op onze website, facebook pagina en mijn persoonlijke pagina en dit zal nog wel eventjes zo blijven. We zijn achter de schermen echter aardig druk geweest en het gaat nog veel drukker worden.   We gaan namelijk verhuizen!   Dankzij de verkoop van onze bus en […]

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De bewakingsdienst

Pascal en ik hadden het onlangs gehad over dat er wel enige bescherming voor de konijnen en kippen tegen roofdieren en straathonden moest komen. Het is een gebied waar vossen zitten en straathonden zijn overal wel te vinden en altijd op zoek naar een maaltje. Gezien onze Mechelaar reu gewend is om binnen te slapen, […]

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Alexander Vladimirovich Zakharchenko. We will never forget. Your legacy lives on. Rest in peace Mister President.

Donetsk, the city of a (two) million roses

Despite the war, Donetsk has succeed in its goal to make the city of one million roses, the city of two million roses (and counting). This represent the character of the people. People full of love, hope and unity. We, from Donbass with Love want to keep the same vision. Make Donbass a better place by dreaming big, but instead of living big, living together, sharing together.

When you have more than you need, build a bigger table - not a higher fence.

Only if people start living this phrase, only if company`s start thinking about people instead of profit, the world can get a better place.

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